Versions, international workshop & lectures, 2016


What do we expect of the exhibitions, especially in the context of post-digital cultures? VERSIONS is an international practice, debate and critique workshop-conference to experiment and discuss exhibition forms that will take place at the Maison Populaire de Montreuil (5-16…

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New students researchers at EnsadLab Displays


EnsadLab / Displays has the great pleasure to announce its new student-researchers: Gaspard Bébié-Valérian (artist, curator and co-head of Oudeis, Le Vigan, FR), Thomas Cheneseau (artist and curator), Dorian Reunkrilerk (researcher and co-founder of ACA project). More info soon on…

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Publication: Research through exhibition and post-digital condition


English translation of the publication: Thierry Fournier, J. Emil Sennewald and Pauline Gourlet, Recherche par l’exposition et condition post-numérique, Proteus Journal 10 | 2016, (Le Commissariat comme forme de recherche / Curating as a form of research) [online]. Research…

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Panel 2015 #03: Experimentation and Audiences


How do audience expectations and practices evolve? June 4th, 2015, EnsAD. With Eli Commins (author and stage director/ director, Digital policy coordination officer, Directorate general of artistic creation, French Ministry of Culture), Nathalie Candito (Head of Assessment, Musée des Confluences,…

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Panel 2015 #02: Spaces


How do exhibition spaces and venues evolve? May 29th, 2015, EnsAD. With Jean Cristofol (philosopher and researcher, ESA Aix-en-Provence), Mari Linnman (curator, New Patrons program, Contexts, Paris) and Pau Waelder (critic, curator and researcher Palma de Mallorca). Moderators: Thierry Fournier…

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Panel 2015 #01: New Objects


How do the exhibition’s objects evolve? March 30th, 2015, MAC Créteil. With Inke Arns (curator and director, Hartware Medienkunstverein, Dortmund), Charles Carcopino (curator, Exit festival and MAC Créteil), Marc-Oliver Gonseth (curator Ethnography museum of Neuchâtel), Emmanuel Mahé (research manager, EnsAD),…

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Displays Panels 2015


Displays organized three panels during the spring of 2015. They were designed to launch the project, identify problems, challenge realities and created tools for what was lies ahead. The meetings will serve as an initial space for discussion and prefiguration…

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EnsadLab Diip Panel 2014: Experiment the Museum


Expériment the Museum, panel organized on June, 20th 2014 at Ensad within the frame of EnsadLab / Diip research program, organized by Emmanuel Mahé, head of Ensad research and Thierry Fournier, artist, curator and lecturer. How to experiment in the…

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