Team – impressum


Heads of program

Thierry Fournier, artist, curator, lecturer at Ensad and Ensad Nancy, head of Displays program
J. Emil Sennewald, art critic, journalist, lecturer at Esacm and Ensad, program co-coordinator

Students-researchers 2016-2017 (Displays/PSL M. Phil)

Gaspard Bébié-Valérian, artist, curator and co-head of Oudeis, Le Vigan (France),
Thomas Cheneseau, artist and curator
Dorian Reunkrilerk, researcher, co-founder of ACA project.

Students-researchers and PhD 2015-2016

Rahaf Demashki, designer and PhD student, Université Rennes 2
Pauline Gourlet, artist, designer and PhD student, Université Paris 8


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