2017 – Collaboration with ESACM: Sur-expositions

Sur-expositions [Over-exposures] – actors, images, projections of a new trend is a research group located at ESACM, École Supérieure d’Art Clermont Métropole and coordinated by Jacques Malgorn, Camille Varenne, J. Emil Sennewald. Starting from the redundant phenomenon of “artafricanism”, its objective is to raise questions about the function and functioning of the exhibition as a device and as a means of identifying artistic places, objects and subjects, particularly at the time of an “overexposure” of artists of a scene identified as “innovative”. This project is intended to be the starting point for future artistic research projects questioning Europe, Africa and the World.

Designed in collaboration with the EnsadLab Displays research group, working meetings scheduled for 7 and 8 December in Clermont-Ferrand will identify main lines of action to discuss explanations of the new Afro-European momentum, raise exemplary positions, particularly in photography and film, analyse the role of festivals, biennales and fairs and specify the ecosystems involved and possible areas of criticism.

By applying the practice of research through art, the group carries out its work not by confirming the emergence of contemporary African art, but rather by acting with. The objective is not to dissociate oneself from the object of research in order to analyze it, but on the contrary to become one, and to experience its different forms and states. Dialogue and exchange are therefore at the heart of the methodology. To articulate this collective thinking, meetings must be built upstream, to strengthen the link and create the conditions for a broader and free flow of information.

These days are therefore mainly dedicated to the organization of “over-exposure” meeting days, which will take place in early May 2018 at ESACM.

For more information contact jesennewald AT esacm.fr