Panel 2015 #01: New Objects

How do the exhibition’s objects evolve? March 30th, 2015, MAC Créteil.

With Inke Arns (curator and director, Hartware Medienkunstverein, Dortmund), Charles Carcopino (curator, Exit festival and MAC Créteil), Marc-Oliver Gonseth (curator Ethnography museum of Neuchâtel), Emmanuel Mahé (research manager, EnsAD), François Mairesse (professor, University of Paris 3, CERLIS/ICCA), Claire Malrieux (artist and lecturer, ENSCI, Paris), and Omer Pesquer (exhibition designer and lecturer, University of Paris 3). Moderators: Thierry Fournier (artist, curator and researcher) and J. Emil Sennewald (critic and journalist, lecturer), heads of the Displays project.

How do the exhibition’s objects evolve: from physical objects and works towards gestures, performative situations, experimentations and processes? Do e-publishing, mobile platforms, the network, reproducibility and simulation transform curatorial forms? How can co-creation experiences with exhibition planning and design find their place in art? What types of critical approaches do these new objects require?

MAC Créteil, partner of the project, hosted Displays during the Exit festival, in its new experimentation space, “ MAC Plus”.