Panel 2015 #02: Spaces

How do exhibition spaces and venues evolve? May 29th, 2015, EnsAD.

With Jean Cristofol (philosopher and researcher, ESA Aix-en-Provence), Mari Linnman (curator, New Patrons program, Contexts, Paris) and Pau Waelder (critic, curator and researcher Palma de Mallorca). Moderators: Thierry Fournier (artist, curator and researcher) and J. Emil Sennewald (critic and journalist, lecturer), heads of Displays project.

How do exhibition spaces and venues evolve? Given that nowadays, a large part of audience experiences with the arts occur online, how does the exhibition’s distinctiveness evolve? What kinds new forms are being invented in the dialogue between real space and the network? How can the shared spaces of the exhibition and individual web practices be connected? How can criticism and emancipation in relation to the rationale of attention economics be constructed? How can relations between museums, online exhibitions and data bases be qualified?