Panel 2015 #03: Experimentation and Audiences

How do audience expectations and practices evolve? June 4th, 2015, EnsAD.

With Eli Commins (author and stage director/ director, Digital policy coordination officer, Directorate general of artistic creation, French Ministry of Culture), Nathalie Candito (Head of Assessment, Musée des Confluences, Lyon), Raphaële Jeune (curator, Art to be) and François Mairesse (museologist, professor at Université of Paris 3, CERLIS/ICCA). Moderators: Thierry Fournier (artist, curator and researcher) and J. Emil Sennewald (critic and journalist, lecturer), heads of the Displays project.

How do audience expectations and practices evolve? How does the distribution (or reclaiming) of roles among artists, curators, critics, exhibition designers and planners develop? How can these be related to the context of institutional critique? How can we experiment with audiences or in the presence of viewers? What are the stakes involved in participation, particularly those of social networks in museums and exhibitions?