Manifesto for a Post-Digital Interface Criticism

Andersen, Christian Ulrik, and Søren Pold’s 2011 seminal article about not only the possibilities and necessities of critical thinking under digital conditions, but about its form. Interesting to discuss further the displays-term and to ask about the surface – core-paradigm.

Tate, The white cube and beyond

In an age when installations, art environments, ‘scatter art’ and large-scale mixed media works are the norm, the traditional confines of the museum and art gallery spaces are continually under scrutiny. As a natural consequence, the methods of displaying art have transformed, but as three specialists in their field acknowledge here, historically there was more to a museum display than crowded pictures and pot plants, and this history is worth bearing in mind today.

Source : The white cube and beyond | Tate

Interview with Ery Cámara | DaWire

As a part of a series of interviews with curators and museographers, Alejandro Sordo Guzmán, our Contributing Writer in Mexico City, interviews renowned museographer Ery Cámara, one of the main specialists in the field. Their dialogue sheds light on the role of the museum in society and the importance of the public in the development of its programs. To borrow Ery’s words, “museums are unfinished institutions,” and a dialogue between audiences and these institutions must be established for them to grow and continue to adapt to our needs.

Source : Interview with Ery Cámara | DaWire