On a Possible Passing from the Digital to the Symbolic | Yuk Hui

(c) Julien Salaud, cliché: Sophie Lloyd

Un essai qui pose une question centrale pour la discussion des possibilités d’emancipation des technologies numériques: celle de la capacité de symbolisation, autrement dit de la possibilité de distanciation et donc de culturation propre à ce que ces technologies proposent. On a su symboliser les astres, va-t-on arriver à symboliser des algorithmes? « What is inside the transition from the symbolic to the digital? Are symbols reducible to the digital? Under what condition can we pass from the digital to the symbolic? In order to elaborate on this questioning, I would like rst to present the relation between symbolization and technology as a contradiction. »

Source : (99+) On a Possible Passing from the Digital to the Symbolic | Yuk Hui – Academia.edu

Manifesto for a Post-Digital Interface Criticism

Andersen, Christian Ulrik, and Søren Pold’s 2011 seminal article about not only the possibilities and necessities of critical thinking under digital conditions, but about its form. Interesting to discuss further the displays-term and to ask about the surface – core-paradigm.